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Vanessa's Comprehensive Guide to Road Safety

Road safety is more than looking both ways and holding hands while crossing the road (although that is a great first date if you’re out of ideas). When you’re finally behind the wheel there’s numerous other factors to think about – intoxication, vehicle safety, distractions and of course, an accidental trip to Slumbertown. Luckily for you, we’re here to get your road safety on point.

Drink Driving

Drink driving is dangerous, and not just because red wine is hard to get out of car upholstery.

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Drug Driving

If you’re taking anything stronger than a Panadol there’s a good chance it’s going to affect your driving ability – especially if said drug isn’t legal – so it’s a good idea to avoid mixing the two.

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It doesn’t matter how much the group chat is blowing up, it can wait until you’re out of the car. Don’t waste your last words on an emoji.

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Drowsy Driving

One minbute you’re driving, the next you’re sitting your high school exams in your underwear, and that’s not even the worst part – fatigue can be fatal in the blink of an eye.

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Ever sped past someone just to awkwardly meet them at the next set of lights? This alone should be motivation enough to stick to the speed limit. If not, maybe a $230 fine will change your mind.

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Vehicle Safety

Looking for a vintage car on Facebook Marketplace? We hate to burst your bubble but your mum's right; the safety rating should come first when purchasing a vehicle. Don't worry, safe cars come in a variety of colours, sizes and best of all, the ability to fit even the thriftiest of budgets.

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